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Every day, thousands of project managers, builders and re-modelers in Southeast Texas must modify or repair tough, hardened construction materials such as concrete. While much of this work takes place on level, horizontal surfaces, there is also an ongoing need for the modification and repair of vertical or angled surfaces. This need introduces a unique set of problems, since the equipment that allows you to safely and accurately cut through horizontal structures just doesn’t produce the same results on walls and upright or tilted structures. Instead, you must rely on a specialized piece of equipment called a wall saw.

In Southeast Texas, Louisiana, your destination for the best in professional concrete cutting services such as wall sawing is GTS. Over the course of nearly 40 years, we have developed a solid reputation for high-quality work that meets even the strictest construction and repair specifications. With our staff of dedicated experts and inventory of powerful, specialized equipment, we provide accurate cuts on all kinds of vertical and angled surfaces while maximizing worksite safety and minimizing the prospects for noise and dust pollution. Regardless of the size of your project, we’ll help you reach the finish line with time to spare.

For more information about concrete wall sawing, call GTS at (409) 853-6747
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