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Golden Triangle Sawing, LLC is proud to be a service-contracting company specializing in commercial and industrial concrete cutting. GTS is servicing Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, and cities surrounding. We have a high standard for safety and quality on everything we do. 



At Golden Triangle Sawing we maintain and service our own equipment. We firmly believe it is the only foolproof way to ensure availability and dependability. We maintain and service our own equipment.

Core Drilling

Core Drilling is performed for jobs that require precise, circular opening. The holes are made through concrete walls, floors, and pavements for plumbing, electrical, sewer installation.

Hand Sawing

Concrete hand sawing can cut that and block, concrete, pipes, manholes and more. We use them indoors in tight spaces and for most inside projects. They are designed for creating windows, doorways, mechanical openings, retaining walls, concrete roof decks and flush cuts to existing floors and walls.

Slab Sawing

Concrete slab sawing is the process that cuts the upper portion of existing concrete to an even, flat plane. This technique is used to level damaged pavement, provide control joints or lay underground wires and pipes.

Trench Pour Back

Concrete pour backs refer to filling the holes created after slab sawing, cutting holes, or digging trenches. After concrete cutting has served its purpose and new wiring, plumbing, or other utilities are installed, we can replace the concrete to seal them in and make the new concrete match the old.

Break and Remove

While concrete demolition, breaking and removal may seem like simple tasks, they actually require significant planning and careful execution in order to avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous complications. In other words, they require help from trained professionals.

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing is used to make precise cuts in vertical and horizontal slabs. The most common applications or wall saws include opening cuts for doors and windows, tunnel and dam work, foundations, mechanical services, and cabling.

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