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For a broad range of reasons, construction, renovation and remodeling professionals must have an easy, accurate way of creating holes in concrete, brick and other super-tough materials. The standard tool of choice for this task is a precision device called a core drill. However, unless guided by an expert who understands all required procedures, core drilling can easily produce substandard results that fail to meet your needs or legally mandated building requirements. That’s why you must have reliable access to professionals who combine top-quality equipment with a deep reservoir of training and hands-on experience.

In Texas and Louisiana, residents and businesses can call on Golden Triangle Sawing,  for truly exemplary core drilling and concrete cutting services. With decades of experience and a fleet of self-contained vehicles outfitted with advanced drilling equipment, we make it easy to meet your worksite needs while maintaining peak efficiency and protecting your precious bottom line. Whether you need just a single hole or dozens of precision-cut openings, we’ll provide the accurate results required to keep your project moving forward.

For more information about core drilling, call GTS at (409) 853-6747
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